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Dryer Repair in Edmonton

Dryers are a valuable, time-saving appliance. Most people depend on this appliance’s convenience, and it can be very frustrating if issues arise. Even when your dryer isn’t entirely out of commission, costs can still add up when looking to ensure that it is operating efficiently. If you’ve noticed some minor issues or maybe a jump in your energy bill, it may be a sign to schedule a service to ensure your dryer is operating at its peak performance.

Dryers have a rotating drum or tumbler, which operates by circulating heated air that evaporates the clothes’ moisture. The humid air produced by this process gets forced through a venting system to the exterior of your home. Once the humid air is exhausted, dry air can enter and enhance the drying process. Our qualified technicians have the skill to repair any part of the dryer system and can also clean the dryer vent to ensure your home is safe and the dryer is running smoothly.

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    Two types of dryers that we repair


    Initially, electric dryers may cost a little less than gas dryers and are cheaper and easier to install. Exhaust requirements are minimal, as we only deal with steam venting.


    Dryers operating on natural gas or propane cost more up-front than electric dryers, but over time, gas dryers are a more economical option. With gas dryers, there is a requirement for specialized venting.

    With an understanding of how to deal with the different dryer types, our technicians will determine the source of the problem and provide a viable solution. You can trust Appliances Repair By Luis with your dryer repair and services.

    Dryer issues that may result in the need for repair
    The dryer won’t run
    When your dryer doesn’t work correctly, we recommend checking to see if it is unplugged or if a circuit breaker has been tripped. Another issue could be a faulty thermostat, broken start switch, or damaged terminal block.
    The dryer produces no heat
    If you can see the dryer drum spinning, but no heat gets produced, the issue may stem from a bad fuse, heating coils, thermostat, or temperature switch.
    The dryer drum isn’t spinning
    If the dryer motor is running correctly, but the drum doesn’t spin, it can likely get traced to a broken belt. Other causes include a bad idler pulley, motor, or roller.

    A dryer that gets too hot is potentially dangerous and should get repaired quickly. Causes that could lead to this risky situation can be faulty heating coils, clogged vents or a bad thermostat.

    Avoid high energy bills, inconvenient breakdowns, and safety issues by contacting Appliances Repair By Luis and scheduling regular professional maintenance.

    dryer repair
    Dryer Repair FAQ
    Is dryer repair worth it?
    Dryers are typically worth repairing, as the repair cost usually outweighs purchasing a new dryer.
    What is the lifespan of a dryer?
    Most dryers can last up to 20 years if taken care of properly.
    Is it worth fixing a tumble dryer?
    If a dryer is tumbling, the motor, control board, timer, and major components are working correctly. A minor repair, such as an element or thermostat, is usually needed if the dryer is not heating.
    What is the cost of fixing a dryer?
    Repair costs depend on the issue, the type of dryer, and the age. Typically, dryer repairs cost approximately 25% to 30% of a new dryer.
    Why does my dryer take several cycles to dry?
    The airflow through the dryer and the condition of the venting hose will dictate the time to dry clothes in a dryer. If air being exhausted out of the dryer gets impeded or the venting tube experiences a blockage, it could reduce the rate at which clothes dry.
    Are dryer sheets harmful to my dryer?

    The sheets won’t damage your dryer but make sure you clean your lint filters before each use. Removing excess lint will prevent the build-up of softening agents on the moisture sensor and keep your dryer running more efficiently.

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